Vintage Fashion

A day in San Francisco’s vintage fashion show expo

A beautiful Saturday which fooled me not to take my jacket and freeze at the end of the day haha (never forget to take your jacket anywhere you go when you’re in San Francisco!)

You could find items here which wear museum quality and also the ones which just looked vintage but nor authentic.

For me who always loved and adored vintage fashion this was an opportunity to get inspired and enjoy seeing every piece and also imagining the ppl wearing these in one of the days of their life which life was absolutely different than now! It’s interesting to think of it this way!

Well these are some highlights:

Love me some vintage lucite style bags with red roses details 😻 can’t get any better ♥️

Personally I don’t think there’s a limit on what you want to wear, which means if you like it wear it! To be more specific I’d wear this as a street look with a whit or black T and any shades of blue/black/white jeans or with a cute vintage looking or even a skater dress with a little fluff for an afternoon tea, I’d also pair it with a little black dress for an evening classy look! 🌹

Cc: @Thegoldenhoursf

This caught my eyes bcs let’s face it anything that falls outside the line would catch my eyes!!

Well, this is a vintage hat box! Interesting right?

*Some general information about hats through out the history: hats became popular since around 1600! And they changed to so many forms and types depending on the family class, hairstyle or the era in general. From very small hats to very detailed ones. Side note: I thought this must be interesting for the Chanel lovers to know that the Chanel icon and founder aka Gabrielle Chanel started her carrier by designing hats!*

Anyhow, hatboxes became popular in the early 1900s. This particular design is from around 1960s!

I’m in love! 👒💚

Well seeing this lady was super fun and no she’s not a mannequin!

Not to forget to mention that this look is inspired from 1920s and she absolutely nailed the look! Head to toe! Starting from her hat and the hairstyle which was the most popular hairstyle at that time! Her make up was exactly what and how women would wear it at that time. Her overcoat was made of silk-velvet which is very rare nowadays and she was wearing the white tights which made her skin even more lighter bcs people in those time didn’t really like to get tanned! And the shoes and the clutch! She absolutely rocked! I didn’t forget to tell her this 1 thousand times, lol.

Here are some other pictures and highlights of that day which I thought the might be interesting for you to check out:

Cc: @Vul3qo61012 😘

And here’s a picture of me after the expo, kinda freezing lol

That awkward moment when u hold two coffee cups just so your friend can take the photo 😆@vul3qo61012 aka Angela 😘

Fun fact: between 5th to 15th century (middle ages) the only people wearing stripes were either criminals, prisoners, bad people in general 😬

Special thanks to Queen Victoria for making a huge change in the history and definition of strips at the end of 1900s! 👑

Hope u could enjoy and learn some general information or if you’re into fashion you could enjoy watching them as much as I did, Xo 💋

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