High side slits sheer jersey pants

I remember that as a kid or even teenager I was always wondering what if I can wear my sport pants with heals? To be honest I was always obsessed with heals! I wanted to wear them everywhere and with everything! when about months ago celebs started to wear them with sporty looks I got extremely happy! now I can even wear them with my pants and jerseys! what a feeling! aaaah! haha..
Here, I picked up the whole outfit from Forever21! The top is actually a dress which I matched with this outfit but I will also do a review on that as a dress. The concentration here is more on the pants with  high cuts on the sides which are very trendy right now! specially wearing them with high heels gives the that exotic look that is very popular in theses seasons.
The Fabric is sheer and see through and it has kind of a short underneath to the point that cut starts.
This pants are perfect for a summer day out or even as a cover up at the beach!

IMG_2989FullSizeRender 5

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