Trendy Styles Spring/Summer 2017 (According to runways)

In the previous post I brought your attention to the trendy colors that we are blessed to wear this spring and summer! (Which if you haven’t checked it yet, its here on the blog you can go check it out)
Now, we also should know about the style trends that we can match our fave colors of the list with! These styles are the ones that we saw on the runways of spring/summer 2017 such as nyfw, pfw and mfw! I will also have an article about the current street style in the next articles! anywaysss without further ado.. lets get started!


1. Stripes (Super/Statement Stripes and banker/Oxford stripes)

I remember both of these stripes to be trendy years ago, but the difference that I see between now and then is that, at the time it was more about black and white or black based stripes, but now its more of a colorful stripes. Also, we all know the banker/oxford stripes are more famous with their iconic office blue pattern! Lets see some of the pictures from well known brands that came up with these styles on the runways!

Starting off with one of my most favorite brands


balmain 2balmain



*Proenza schouler*







2. Single shoulder cut-outs and Cold shoulder/ Flash dance shoulder

Last year was the year of off-shoulders! Everyone by now own at least one of that trend! Although it will still be one of my fave trends of all time and its still trendy specially on button-up shirts which I will talk about them more in the street style fashion, but this year is more about one shoulder cut-outs! We still are hanging onto the cold shoulder style but ladies the one shoulder cuts are the trendiest in this season!

Single shoulder cut-out


cold shoulder/Flash dance shoulder

alexandre wang


3. Oversized shoulders and round shoulders

While we are still on the shoulder subject, do u remember the 80s oversized shoulders era? Well, I would never thought that they’ll be back in this style era but fashion happens! They are back! And also the round shoulders are very trendy in this season which we saw some of them in some fur coats and jackets during autumn/winter season.




Round shoulders


stella mcartneyq




4. corset belts

One of the biggest trends since last winter are corset belts! although the material are lighter for spring and summer, but they are still one of the stylish touches you can add to your outfit!

imageimagee  loewe

5. Robes

YES! you heard it right! from now on if you ever woke up and felt like you don’t want to let your robe go, you can just go out of the house with it! good news ha? haha! robes are the new trend this season it includes all kind of cover-ups, the fancy kimonos and also the same style robe that you are maybe wearing right now reading this!


6. Floral (Back to 70s!)

And all kind of flowers are invited to this floral party! no matter what type, color or kind is the flower on your clothes its going to make it trendy no matter what! Floral dresses, tops and skirt were all over the runways of spring/summer 2017!

d and g 2d and g


balenciaga 1




7. Ruffles details

The ruffle trend found its way all the way from last winter to this spring/summer. In my opinion as much as ruffles can be classy and worn as dressed up kind of outwears but at the same time they can be casual wears! check the banker/oxford stripes shirt at the first trend! very unique at the same time worn with a pair of jeans and made it casual outwear!


Balmain8 ruffle detailsbalmain ruffle details

Some other runway ruffle details



8. Detailed Sleeves

Speaking of ruffles, this season has a lot to do with sleeve details which includes also ruffles. so many styles such as flutes, cropped, bunched and oversized sleeves are the trend of these two seasons.


Brandon MaxwellBrandon Maxwell


Delpozo - Runway RTW - Spring 2017 - New York Fashion Week



9. Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses are one of the most comfortable and affordable styles you can find in the spring/summer collections. Lets tell you a secret, If you want to find a shirt dress in any retail store just go to the men’s section and Tadah they magically appear everywhere! haha!






10. Words printed

Logo T-shirts have always been one of my favorites! But now not just the brand logo print is trendy also some high end designers decided to use fashion to bring the attention to some good points which are printed on the T-shirts! But in General useful words or not, printed words on clothes are also a trend in these seasons.





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