Spring/Summer 2017-2018 Color trend

The Spring is here! this means we can put on our off-shoulders and mini skirts with the flashy and colored looks again without thinking of the cold weather and warm colors. well, maybe its too soon to say that but we can still be excited about it! can’t we? 🙂

Here are the trendy colors for your spring and summer to choose from or mix and match! personally some of them are my all time favorite! hope you like them too!


1. Niagara denim blue


This color is one of those colors which you can wear to a casual coffee date or a very classic dinner night! This are some designer picks using this color in the Spring/Summer fashion shows this year!



2. Primrose yellow


Anyone knows this beautiful flower?


The inspiration of this lively and flashy color has come from this lovely flower. I would wear this for any wear as long as I love the design of what I`m wearing and I feel comfortable in it! what`s your opinion?



3. Lapis blue


And from this precious stone come the other inspiration for the next color..

il_fullxfull.899108028_p7g0 This color definitely is more of a classic color! Night gowns would be flawless in this color! But still you know my opinion! as long as you like the design wear it! make anytime and anywhere you go your runway time and red carpet location!

Look at this BEAUTIFUL Gucci design in lapis blue! Flawless!


4. Flame red-based Orange


fire texture flame burn hot red orange light danger.jpg

You saw it right! This time we`ll sat anyone we passed by on fire while wearing this color! haha!

And who`s the most iconic and the most famous for this color?

Hermes love!



5. Island Paradise Aqua Blue


This color reminds me of calmness, Fresh air and the breath of the water front in an Island that just looks like heaven! anything comes to mind?


Ofcourse Paradise Island Maldives! one of the most beautiful places that is on my list to visit!

Here is a NYFW picture of this awesome color!


6. Pale dogwood pink


This color is more of a neutral color! which in my opinion goes with every skin undertones and it also can be matched with bright, flashy, or even with its own kind of neutral colors. For me personally I would like to match an off-shoulder in this color with a pair of light jeans for a casual look or a backless pencil dress for more classy occasions! Also not to mentions that this is one of my absolute fav nail polish colors! don’t you agree ladies? 😉

Here are some high-end brands in this peaceful and beautiful color!



7. Greenery



Yes, The color of the year 2017 by Pantone!

This color is definitely a very obvious sign of spring! the whole color can be found everywhere in the nature when its spring and the nature is reburying again! a very bright and live color to wear and feel fresh! Mix and match with other bright ones and make anywhere you go as colorful and fresh as your outfit is!

And a Kenzo typ of street style to give you some inspiration!



8. Pink Yarrow


This bold and rich color is one of the shades of pink that in my case is hard to wear but once I wear it I love it! Very radiant and flashy and at the same time girly! but lets not make the colors sexist! anything can be worn by anyone in my opinion! So enjoy this lovely color with a one piece skater dress for a more casual and girly kind of look, a pencil skirt matching with a black bling crop top for more nighty look, just as a purse or even nail color for anywhere! you’ll love it!



9. Kale


This color is also one of my favs! In my opinion this color doesn’t need a specific season to wear! but as long as we saw it in NYFW and other fashion weeks we’d say lets do more of it for this spring and summer! haha! I looove pants jeans and any other bottom wear in this color! I feel like it goes well with anything you wear over it! This is also another shade of green and another symbol for refreshing and healthy life! so add some more of this shade to your wardrobe! you won’t regret it!

I mean look at these pieces by Balmain! I’m absolutely speechless!



10. Hazelnut


This is the color that in the recent years have had a huge impact in most of our wardrobe! This color is the multi tasking color of this list! you can wear it and be absolutely royal with it and also wear it to a very casual shopping day! I love this color! you can pul it off no matter how you style it! I know a lot of people love this color for the hair color too! but a little darker shade of it!



11. Metallic Silver


Hmmm! This color can be a little tricky! You should be really careful of how you want to style it and what you want to wear in this color! Although, I’m a fan of “If you love it, wear it!” , but at the same time I don’t want to look ridiculous! maybe different! but definitely not ridiculous! haha!

Here is a Versace piece of the 2017 spring/summer collection!



12. Ethereal White


Nothing can go wrong with white! but I would say anywhere in your body that you think you might have a little overweight that you don’t want to show, avoid wearing white on that area! But its all your choice! white is the angelic color of all that I wouldn’t mind look a little bit chubby in it! :))

Here is a DKNY look of eternal white in NYFW 2017!



13. Timeless Black


Ultimate LOVE. I can wear black all day everyday without even feeling guilty about it! haha! I know so many of you can relate! nothing goes wrong with black and every skin color and every makeup and every shoes and styles goes with it! I’m and will always be in love with this luxury, timeless color!

There are thousands of amazing designs and its very hard for me to choose one of those to put as an example here but I’m pretty sure you are going to see more of black in this website so I don’t mind choosing one for now!

These Balmain designs in black.. #ICantSayMore! lol



14. 50 Shades of Pink


Apart from the pink yarrow and pale dogwood which both area knowledge by pantone for the trendy colors, there were lots of other pink shades on the runways of spring/summer collection 2017! If you haven’t been really friendly with this color before, get ready to add some of these shades to your wardrobe which can make it more cheerful and fun!

Here are some of the brands on the runway using different shades of pink!







Emilio Pucci



15. Passionate Red


Another classic color! This color has been always the sexiest of them all and I guess will always remain a classic sexy one! I’m so glad that we have this color for this spring/summer, although I would still wear it either it was in the collection or not! lol

There`s a lot to do with this color! talk about the classic Marilyn Monroe red lipstick look and also little black dresses or a charming little crop top with jeans! Anything would look nice in PASSIONATE RED!




16. Cognac Flavor


I started to really feel this color, fall time, about 2 years ago! its a very warm and rich color and can give a very charming vibe to your outfit! I remember being obsessed with this colors lipstick and nail polish! (not that I’m really over it now haha) I think of this color more like a fall/winter color but still there will be a lot of opportunities and beautiful outfits that can be make wth this color even in spring and summer!



17. Sweet Lilac/ Electric Purple


OK to be honest I love lilacs and they are super beautiful but purple has never been my favorite color but sometimes I found some pieces in this color those were LIFE! ( for example the Balmain look in the picture below! ) so mix and match if you think like me and if its one of your fav colors go for it!!! thats great you’re going to enjoy it so much!







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